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Clone Trooper ROTS mini bust - Star Wars

Price: $69.95
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant Ltd
Gentle Giant Studios launches the first in a line of Star Wars deluxe mini-busts with a release that resets the bar for this type of product-Clone Trooper. This is the first-ever mini-bust that we are aware of that adds a modular aspect, allowing the collector to pose the Clone Trooper in a variety of ways. You can either change the position of the arms and accessories as desired or get multiple copies and create your own Clone Trooper squadron. Each deluxe Clone Trooper bust will include the following components: Arm configurations: one right arm, one left arm pointing, one left arm sculpted to support a rifle. Accessories: a DC-15 blaster, a DC-15 rifle, and a pair of long range binoculars.

Like any military organization, the Clone Troopers are distinguished by rank. In the case of Star Wars, the troopers are white, commanders are yellow, and captains are red. There will be paint variants to reflect this. As with the previous releases, the Clone Trooper is based upon state-of-the-art three-dimensional scanning of the actual props and costumes, combined with traditional sculpting and painting. The result is a fantastic realism that distinguishes the Gentle Giant editions as the very best.